I know this doesn’t stick with the theme, but my camera-inept boyfriend took this after some much needed morning sex. I didn’t want him to because I was feeling self conscious, but I think it’s quite perfect :)

I think you and your boyfriend are getting better with the camera every week. This photo is strikingly beautiful and the lighting perfectly emphasises the focus and detail of the mess on your back. I really like the blur of your hands over your head and from the windows in front of you. You two have become a very important part of SS and I’m impressed every week, I hope you continue to document and share your sexuality together with us. 

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One of my odd lil dreams.

I had a dream that my little town was all futuristic and cool, and I was on my way to buy some more hair dye, when I got off the bus I bumped into Kit Harington and almost blacked out. I have never blacked out before.

Kit Harington almost made me faint in my dream. God knows what it’d be like if I met him in real life.

Guess I fancy Jon Snow again. Ah well ;D